How Many Different Ways Are There to Do Tree Removal?

While the usual method of tree removal means using a chainsaw, there are several different variations with this process. Many tall trees need a bucket truck to safely remove them. By raising a worker up into the air next to a tree, they can start to remove the tree in pieces. This technique eliminates the threat of dropping a full tree onto such things as buildings, fences or the road. Another method to remove a tree involves climbing it, and then cutting each limb whilst sitting in the tree.

Sometimes, when a tree removal team arrives at a location to remove a tree, they find the tree is towering over a road or building. This will create a huge problem due to the fact the tree limbs are not possible to dropped as they are being cut without causing damage to property or a potential hazard. The most practical way to perform tree removal in this situation is by lowering the severed limbs to the ground using a rope. By fixing a rope to each limb, it can then be cut and safely guided to the floor, thus avoiding any contact with buildings or traffic. Depending upon the location of the hazard, multiple ropes could have to be used to lower the cut limbs.

While movies show the dropping of trees shouting the word timber, the reality is seldom the same. The majority of trees are removed starting from the top downwards, and a limb free trunk will be cut or tipped over. The smaller branches are trimmed off the bigger limbs, and then sent to be placed in a brush chipper. This creates a load of wood chips which can then later be used for mulch. The bigger limbs, now free of any branches, are cut into firewood and sent to the floor to be loaded onto a truck.

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