Are You Hopeless at Garden Care?

A garden and lawn care service maintains a garden and offers lawn care for homeowners or businesses. This type service employs gardeners that are capable of planting, mowing, weeding, and mulching for a price. They could also perform landscape designs for exterior areas, working with homeowners to make a garden which will showcase their home or business. Depending upon the size of the service, they could have several gardeners on staff, who will visit properties on an ongoing basis. Often, this kind of service is used for vacant properties, thus ensuring the gardens are tended to and have a cared for appearance.

A property owner will sometimes hire a service to care for their property so they can have more free time. Since the gardener is the one that will be worrying about controlling the weeds, fertilizing, and turning over the soil, a busy homeowner will have more time for other less labor-intensive jobs. The lawn care service will work closely with the homeowner when they are planning a garden and will provide expert advice regarding soil and plants. They also ensure gardens are protected against vermin, installing fencing so seedlings are able to grow without getting eaten or walked upon.

 Usually, this service will do lawn care, including mulching, mowing, and fertilizing. For homeowners that are concerned about the environment, some services will provide organic care. A service will care for the whole area, including bushes, bulbs, perennials, and any borders.

 For businesses, a service will take over the maintenance of the exterior areas such as lawns, flower gardens, and any seating areas. This type of service may do seasonal clean up to ensure a property is kept neat and tidy. The gardeners could also be the ones responsible for caring for potted plants and small trees within a building.

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