Are You Hopeless at Garden Care?

A garden and lawn care service maintains a garden and offers lawn care for homeowners or businesses. This type service employs gardeners that are capable of planting, mowing, weeding, and mulching for a price. They could also perform landscape designs for exterior areas, working with homeowners to make a garden which will showcase their home or business. Depending upon the size of the service, they could have several gardeners on staff, who will visit properties on an ongoing basis. Often, this kind of service is used for vacant properties, thus ensuring the gardens are tended to and have a cared for appearance.

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How Many Different Ways Are There to Do Tree Removal?

While the usual method of tree removal means using a chainsaw, there are several different variations with this process. Many tall trees need a bucket truck to safely remove them. By raising a worker up into the air next to a tree, they can start to remove the tree in pieces. This technique eliminates the threat of dropping a full tree onto such things as buildings, fences or the road. Another method to remove a tree involves climbing it, and then cutting each limb whilst sitting in the tree.

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A Few Important Reasons Why to Leave Any Tree Felling to the Specialists

One of the hardest landscaping tasks known to man is removing a tree. Whether it is a withered tree or a live one, sometimes circumstances require that it is removed for safety reasons. So, do you have a tree that needs to be removed? Make no mistake, and hire a specialist. Why, you ask? Christopher Landscaping has listed a few answers which you might find more than important. Check them out!

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Your Lawn Needs A Haircut? Part 2

More Lawn Maintenance Advice For Mowing

Many people talk all the time about the right mowing heights. It seems silly, however, every grass does have its preferred mowing height.

It has to be tall enough enabling the grass to recover from mowing, and maintain a good root system, however, is has to be short enough so the lawn doesn’t get rough looking. Should you be unsure on your regular lawn maintenance, seek the advice of a professional.

Most grass has a balance between the size of their root system, and the length of their grass blades. When the roots and grass blades are in sync, the grass will be at its healthiest, and will be able to handle all kinds of stress.

Don’t Scalp Your Lawn

The easiest way to keep your grass in balance is to keep it at its right height. Avoid scalping your grass because this forces it to tap into its food reserves which stress the grass, and make it thin out. It will be more open to heat, cold, drought, and disease.

When grass is cut back the growth of the roots comes to a complete stop until it can recover. This places a great amount of stress on the grass which is often visible to the eye after mowing. It doesn’t look healthy because it isn’t.

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Your Lawn Needs a Haircut?

Lawn Maintenance Advice For Mowing

When looking at your lawn what do you see? A nice green lawn that’s pleasing to the eye, to sit or play on? Are you happy as long as it remains green in the summer, and don’t mind a few weeds so long as it still looks good?

This can only be answered by you, but one way to determine if you have been successful with your lawn maintenance is if it’s meeting your requirements and expectations in its overall appearance.

There are numerous levels of lawn maintenance; everyone wants to have the best looking lawn, while putting only a minimum amount of time and effort into it.

The good news is that incorrect mowing is a common cause of many lawn problems which can easily be changed.

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