Can a Landscaping Specialist Help You Plan Your Gardening and Seeding Projects Better?

If you are keen on planting and willing to successfully grow different types of plants in your backyard or garden, the first thing you should start with will be the determining of the soil pH level. The pH level indicates the balance between the acidity and alkalinity of the particular type of soil.

Different plants require different pH levels in order to be able to thrive in the soil. For the purpose, most homeowners can hire a professional soil testing service provider or a licensed landscaper. There is plenty of information about this online, but if you lack the experience and skills, we do not recommend you to try doing forecasts yourself. The result is usually far from being satisfactory.

However, soil testing can be done by yourself if you know a few basic things. The first method is by using a commercial test probe. In order to do this, you will need to dig a hole in the soil by making sure that you will remove the possible debris inside. Then, fill it with distilled water from a bottle or a tab. Next, insert the test probe and wait some time to read the result. Repeat these steps for several holes and take the average of all readings.

Do you know that you can do soil testing by using tools and products that you have available at home? For example, this can be done using the red cabbage method (you can read about it online or ask your landscaper) or using vinegar and baking soda. After you are done with the results of the soil testing, you can regulate the pH level if it is necessary. You can either make it less or more alkaline by adding simple natural ingredients that can be easily found in the local gardening centers.

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